Farm-to-Table, at Your Table

Farm-to-Table, at Your Table

Thursday Life Check: Honestly evaluating how things are going right now—the good, the bad, and the moldy.

Now that we’re ending March and heading into lovely April,  I want to share how I did with buying local food this month! My percentage went up from 30% in February to 47% in March! I’m pretty excited about that change.


If you’re challenging yourself to buy more local food with me, tell me in the comments how you did for the month. Did you find any new favorite foods?

My new favorite foods are mostly old favorites, just better.

Delicious, rich, silky, golden egg yolks broken over sesame noodles paired with the tastiest kale I’ve ever had. Muffins made moist and tender by rich unprocessed milk. Meatballs formed from ground beef and pork sausage that have flavor and come from ethical sources I’ve vetted myself. Bright and sweet ripe tomatoes in the winter because of magical scientist farmers. (That’s what I call them at least.)

You might not care about eating local yet. You might be label-averse. Hunting local foods might seem inconvenient. It may seem pricier than it’s worth. Isn’t “local” a fad? Why bother?

I hear you.

But do you like food? Because if eating is your favorite (like me), please go try something grown at a farm by you. I bet you it’s better than at the grocery store. As good as a farm-to-table classy restaurant. (Maybe better?) You can eat this way all the time.

I love going to restaurants! We go to restaurants to celebrate and relax. We ate at a restaurant tonight to celebrate me finding my husband’s missing wedding ring. (Now I know what to do when I don’t want to cook—hide something valuable in the sandbox and “find it.”)

But I can’t go to a restaurant every day, just like I can’t cook every day. Does that mean I should give up delicious food unless I’m going out to eat?

When we cook with the good stuff, we live the foodie dream. Everything you eat can be amazing. The quality of the food you buy makes the difference. It beats the pants off any fancy technique.

And if eating doesn’t really do it for you? I say you should give this a try anyway.

Know your food. Make food great again!

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